Ketogenic Tamales

Yes, we make Keto Tamales

Caroline realized the benefits of eating a ketogenic diet five years ago and has been listening to her friends asking for a "Keto Tamale".

Caroline worked tirelessly to create a masa that was delicious as well as ketogenic.  Several versions were attempted and some were wins and some were not so good.  She finally decided on a Coconut flour and Flax meal combination.

They are as close to a traditional tamale as you can get and still stay keto compliant.

Caroline's Kitchen has several flavors of keto tamales to choose from.  Currently there are THREE on the menu.

Chicken Cream Cheese Jalapeno           3/$10.00

Traditional Pork                                                3/$10.00

Tejas Brisket                                                       3/$12.00

We now have the capabilities to ship all of our tamales, hot sauces, as well as our sugar free keto treats.  If you are wanting to add the Keto Tamales or any of our other offerings to your day, please visit our Online Ordering page on this site.

Shipping is a flat $30.00 rate anywhere in the continental US.  Shipping includes an insulated cooler, Freezer Blocks, Exterior Box, as well as postage.