Ketogenic Tamales

Yes, we make Keto Tamales

Caroline realized the benefits of eating a ketogenic diet over six years ago and listened to her friends asking for a "Keto Tamale".  Caroline began offering her Keto Pork Tamale in February of 2018.  Its been almost THREE years already!! We have since tweaked our flavors as well as our masa.

Caroline worked tirelessly to create a masa that was delicious as well as ketogenic.  Several versions were attempted and some were wins and some were not so good.  She finally decided on a Coconut flour and Flax meal combination for our first Masa offering.  

We updated our recipe to Masa 2.0 in January of 2019.  This is a proprietary blend of Ketogenic ingredients which include but are not limited to: coconut flour, pork rinds and other seasonings.  

They are as close to a traditional tamale as you can get and still stay keto compliant.

Caroline's Kitchen has several flavors of keto tamales to choose from.  

Currently there are SEVEN on the menu.  

Traditional Pork Carnitas                                          3/$10.00

Chicken Cream Cheese Jalapeno                             3/$10.00

Green Chile Chicken and Oaxaca Cheese              3/$11.00

Little Red Hen (Traditional Chicken)                        3/$11.00

LoneStar Brisket                                                         3/$12.50