as of may 1st Shipping is now open!!


$50 minimum purchase

The minimum order for shipping is $50.  This helps us to cover the wages for the folks packing and shipping your items.

Shipping time frame

Orders will be shipped on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.  We are a very small shop with limited personnel.  We will ship your order out in no less than 10 days after we receive it.  We will strive to ship within 24-48 hours.  Please note that if you place your order after Tuesday at 5 pm it will not ship until the following week.  When your shipping label is printed, you will receive your tracking number.  During the beginning of our shipping we anticipate demand to be high and we will get the orders out as soon as possible.  We have dedicated people who we have trained to pack and ship your order with care.  


We will be using a mix of USPS, UPS and FED EX.  


We are packaging your items in a Styrofoam Cooler inside a cardboard shipping box surrounded by shipping peanuts and dry ice.  The dry ice will evaporate during travel and will not leave you with wet packaging.

Frozen vs Cold

We are shipping the items to you frozen.  They may thaw during transit.  This does not mean your items are no longer edible.    The only things that need to be "cold" are the tamales and the kolaches.  During our test shipping they arrived at the proper temperatures to ensure safety.

Shipping Costs

The cost for shipping will be $25 flat across the CONTINENTAL US.  This includes the box, postage, dry ice and packaging material. 

Ding Dong Drop INformation


May 19th The Woodlands

The Woodlands!!  We have set the date!! Parking Lot of Pallotta's Restaurant.  Pick up will be between 5pm and 7pm.  The drops are now preorders only.  We will not be bringing "extras" to sell on site.  Please call us at 281-516-8117 to place your order by Thursday at 5pm for the ding dong drop in the woodlands.


The Ding Dong Drop process is as follows:

Place your order during your ordering window.

Order from the items marked for YOUR desired drop spot.

Be at the " Drop Spot" on the designated Date and Time.

Pick up your freshly prepared Keto Goodies.

Deliveries are currently on hold. We will attempt to revisit deliveries when time permits.

We will be organizing Ding Dong Drops each month for areas around town.  These will be pre-orders only.  Unfortunately we will not be able to bring extra product to sell at the drops.




The FIRST time.....

We did a few trial shipments at the beginning of 2017.  We weren't quite as popular as we are now and it was easily manageable.   We would ship out one or two orders per week or so.   Mainly Traditional Tamales.   We had zero problems.  People loved their items and they arrived in a timely manner with no issues.

We got a little busier.... take two...

We took quite a few orders online for a test period.  We were not ready..... not at all.  We had the wrong idea on how we wanted to do our shipping.  We took orders, and baked fresh to fill them.  This was the WRONG way to do it.  Again, we shut down shipping.  We filled the orders we had accepted, although it detracted from our daily duties, we did our best.   I hired a few people to help me.  We were also experiencing increased growth at the same time here in Tomball.  Some packages made it in perfect shape, some didn't.  In the confusion, some orders were lost, some customers had to call and inquire about their orders.  We got all of those orders out..... we should have learned some lessons, but by this time, we are over our heads in the shop, selling out daily.

One bad decision led to another....... take three....

We changed our shipping containers (incurred costs), ordered top of the line "Freezer Foam Blocks" that were supposed to increase the time the packages would stay cold(incurred costs).  

Bad Decision #1     We believed we had figured out the "Shipping Game".  

Bad Decision #2     In order to test our new methods, someone (no names provided to protect the safety of those involved) had the bright idea to offer free shipping (WORST DECISION EVER) for TWENTY FOUR HOURS.

Bad Decision #3      Assuming that we would be capable of handling the volume of orders we received in those 24 hours.  We received over 200 orders in that 24 hour span.

Bad Decision #4     Caroline did not personally oversee this huge undertaking and believed that the packaging was being done in the methods necessary.

It was not.... not even close.

The Fallout..... near financial ruin.......

We refunded many, many customers.  NOT ONLY did we incur the costs of the products we produced for the orders, we incurred the cost of shipping, cost of packaging and payroll for the people putting the boxes together, we also hand delivered boxes in our local Houston and surrounding areas.  This was very scary for us.  We are a small family owned business.   That Shipping Debacle  almost shut us down.  


We had a massive.... MASSIVE  technical issue with our company website, email and our Instagram account.  We were unable to access our company email, website or Instagram for months.

We now are 100% functional with full access.

What we have learned........

We are now changing how we do  things here at Caroline's Kitchen to be better prepared for our shipping customers.   We are no longer going to bake to fill orders.  We are creating an inventory of goods we are going have IN STOCK solely for shipping orders.    We now have a department SOLELY DEDICATED to promptly picking, packing and shipping your orders.   There will be limits on how many orders we will accept on a daily basis.  We will not oversell our inventory.  We will be working with goods on hand and not working backwards with a running backlog of orders.

We will not be using the United States Postal Service to deliver our goods.

We WILL be using FedEx or UPS for a better delivery time and better treatment of your packages.

Mistakes are learning lessons as long as you pay attention.

We are humbled and want to do better for you, our customers.

When to expect shipping to start again, what are we shipping and that age old question of pricing...

The items that will be available for shipping are as follows:

Keto Tamales

Traditional Tamales


Mini Cheesecakes


Bake Yourself Cookie Dough


Ding Dongs

Premium Flavor Ding Dongs

Susalia Products (Low Carb Tortillas, Chips, Tostadas)

Caroline's Chili Gravy Mix

Caroline's SugarFree Seasoning Blends

Shipping will go live towards the end of April.  We will most definitely let everyone know when shipping opens up again.

Shipping costs have yet to be determined.  We would like to offer a flat rate as we did before.  We are in discussions to determine our best options for you.

Thank you for your support and patience.  We grow and work hard to better ourselves daily.