The Saucy Broads


The Saucy Broads is a female cook team consisting of Chef Kara and Chef Caroline

Their love of cooking and unique common interests helped form this partnership.  They have catered events together, participated in competitions together, judged food competitions togther, and have fed thousands.


Chef Caroline and Chef Kara are AWARD WINNERS.

Placed TOP THREE in the 2017 Texas Renaissance Festival Royal Chef Showdown, Best Margarita 2017 in Texas Taco, Margarita and Tequila Festival.


Chef Kara and Chef Caroline

Brought together by their love of food and debauchery, Chef Kara and Chef Caroline have decided to create a female cook team. Inspired by unusual and unique food pairings, they found common ground. They loved cooking together and decided to form a team, an alliance if you will.. Carolines Creations and The BombNoms..... Wondertwins activate!

About Us

Chef Kara

Purveyor of Culinary Rebellion. Event Chef for hire, pop up dining, Food Competition Judge, catered themed parties, food blogging, tasty AF recipes, and general shenanigans.

Facebook: The Bomb Noms

Instagram: the_bomb_noms

Chef Caroline

Food Artisan, Rogue Chef for hire, Party Planner extraordinaire, Culinary daredevil, Lover of tamales and Food Competition Judge.


Chef Caroline and Chef Kara have unique perspectives on food and are able to appreciate any and all cuisines and modes of service.  They create new and different dishes with the customer in mind.  Outstanding events and meals are on the horizon.